#1 Secret To Asset Based Giving

When fundraisers ask for “cash” they are selling their organization short.

Sure talking to donors can be intimidating. Fundraising, financial advisors and donors deserve the tools to help understand complex the benefits associated with making a tax efficient donation to their charities.

With the complex terms, complex calculations no wonder many (fundraisers) turn away from the field to go down the easier path that they are familiar with asking for cash.

This aversion to discussing planned and major giving results in an enormous loss of opportunities for the donor, the fundraiser and the advisors.

When fundraisers and advisors are able to understand the core capabilities of planned giving, they are able to provide dramatically increased value to their donors and organization. That starts with mastering the vast complexity possible in major and planned giving.

A major gift donation is a win for all those involved, lowering taxes for the donor while contributing to a greater good helps a charity get closer to their funding goals. Major planned giving makes these bigger gifts more doable and affordable.

Lowering taxes can be somewhat complicated. Most of the complexity comes from the tax laws, nationally and provincially. Determining the best way to lower taxes depends on which the donor is planning on lowering. Planning can lower capital gains taxes, income taxes and estate taxable capital gains, where the techniques differ depending on which asset is in play.

Planned giving and major gifts has a significant impact on charities. Getting the donor to write a cheque is clean and quick when you have the donor in mind as well as the charity and cause. Beyond sending a gift receipt, it requires no knowledge of taxes, investments, finance or law. Major and planned gifts will be your number one secret and your “easy” button for fundraisers and donors. When fundraisers ask for cash they are asking from the small bucket, look at the big bucket.

The largest assets such as real estate or tangible assets are not easy to write and cheque from, they are less accessible.  These may come from the fact that there is difficulty in selling all or part of the asset from legal or tax consequences associated with the asset. If you follow this path, you may achieve a larger donation and a happier donor.   

Giftabulator was developed with the donor in mind.  Increase individual giving and lower taxes.  The stock market over the past year has nearly doubled, assets have grown in value and the opportunity for charities to discuss tax efficient giving strategies now or in the future is at the fingertips of donors, charities and advisors.

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