2016 Tax Changes Regarding Charitable Donations

I thought I would summarize the budget changes that impact charitable donations, for your consideration and for discussion with your donors.

On December 7th, 2015 the federal government announced a 4% increase in tax credits for individuals with an income over $200,000, to 33% from the current 29%, taking effect January 1st, 2016.

This new tax credit of 33% will apply to gifts over $200 if individuals have an income of $200,000 or higher.

Gifts made in 2015 and previous years but claimed in 2016 or future years will not be eligible for the new 33% tax credit.

Our success in 2015 has seen many of our clients secure donations larger than they have ever received in the past. With the adjusted tax credit rate, the potential for larger major gifts is even greater.

Please visit https://www.giftabulator.com, to learn more about how to help your donors calculate their ideal donation with Giftabulator NOW® and how a major or planned gift can reduce the tax on their capital gains.

Happy New Year!

As we embark upon 2016, many have decided to make New Year’s resolutions.  Let me suggest several estate planning to-dos that shouldn’t be ignored as we are in the early days of 2016.

Update your will – since 60% of individuals do not have a current will, it may be time for you to update yours.  Your relationship with some or many individuals in your previous will may have changed, from your executors, to guardians of your now 40-year-old children.

Make a list of your tangible personal property assets – Take the time to figure out who will receive what.  Believe it or not it’s not the money or the real estate that your kids will fight over but your tea set, your baseball card collection or that special piece of jewellery.  Creating a list of beneficiaries of tangible personal property assets will help minimize this type of familial strife.

Take a look at your RRSP or RRIF beneficiary designations -Make sure the people you want as your beneficiaries are correctly stated on your registered investments.  This is also a good time to discuss charitable giving options through your RRSP/RRIF now or in your estate plan.

See how your estate and philanthropic plan can be realized through Giftabulator NOW.


If you haven’t had a chance to take care of these matters, try your best to do so.  You can delegate most of these and others to your advisors, such as your accountant, lawyer, financial advisor or charitable executive.

Have a happy and healthy 2016!

Congratulations to George Burton and his team! Canadore Breaks Ground for New Facility


We are pleased to have an opportunity to work on fundraising of Canadore College’s new Advanced Composites Fabrication, Repair and Test Centre (ARC-TC) facility. Congratulations to George Burton and his team!


Canadore College Breaking Ground for New Advanced Composites Fabrication, Repair and Test Centre

 (NORTH BAY, ONT.) – Construction of Canadore College’s new Advanced Composites Fabrication, Repair and Test Centre (ARC-TC) facility has officially begun.

The Centre will add to the existing purpose-built Aviation Technology Campus erected adjacent to the North Bay Jack Garland Airport in 2005.

“We’ve come a very long way in over 40 years of aviation training,” said George Burton, President and CEO of Canadore College. “Canadore’s specialized ARC-TC facility poises our region to be able to support the projected growth of the aviation, aerospace and space sectors in Canada and across the globe. We are pleased to make this announcement today thanks to the gracious support we have received from our community and our provincial and federal partners.”

According to Burton, ARC-TC will have the ability to support innovative research, industrial applications, testing services, business incubation and more. The Centre will be home to new academic resources such as two advanced composites laboratories, a non-destructive test (NDT) lab and training aids such as a walk-in curing oven, a magnetic particle inspection station and a liquid penetrant inspection line that will enhance current aviation programming and create capacity for new programs.

It is expected that Canadore College’s ARC-TC facility will open its doors in Spring/Summer 2015.

Huntington University honours David Tsubouchi


Published author, lawyer and former Cabinet Minister David Tsubouchi will receive an Honourary Doctorate of Sacred Letters at Huntington University on Monday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) in Toronto.

His exceptional contributions both as a volunteer and leader in the community led to this rare honour.

“David Tsubouchi’s exemplary commitment to community service is truly inspirational. He is a nationally recognized leader whose contributions will continue to have a profound impact on future generations,” said Dr. Kevin McCormick, Huntington University’s President and Vice Chancellor.

Through his political life and volunteer initiatives Mr. Tsubouchi has enriched various sectors of society including: education, culture, arts and international relations. For these and countless other reasons, Huntington University has selected him to receive the degree of Doctorate of Sacred Letters Honoris Causa.

“I am truly honoured to receive this prestigious recognition from Huntington University. For decades, Huntington has promoted academic excellence, fostered student success and at the same time recognized Canadians for their contributions to community service and I feel very privileged to be one of the recipients,” said Tsubouchi.

Mr. Tsubouchi is the Registrar and CEO of the Ontario College of Trades. He holds the distinction of being the first Japanese Canadian to have been elected to any position in Canada. He served for six years as Councillor for the Town of Markham and in 1995 he became the first Japanese Canadian to be elected to a provincial legislature and also to serve as a Cabinet Minister. David Tsubouchi has served as the MPP for Markham for two terms and has held several cabinet posts in the Ontario Legislature including Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations, Solicitor General, Chair of Management Board and Minister of Culture.

As a campaign chair, he has raised millions of dollars for non-profit organizations and institutions including Seneca College, George Brown College, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and the Rising Sun Campaign to assist the victims of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. He has received numerous awards and honors including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, The Bruce Bryden Award (York University), The Award of Merit From the Japanese Canadian Community and the Canadian Horse Racing Industry Award of Recognition. Just earlier this year, he received an award from the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAP). He has been a key note speaker in many countries including Dubai, Macau, China, Japan and the United States.

His memoir, Gambatte,was recently published by ECW Press and was nominated for the Speaker’s Book Award.



Media Contacts:


Sherri Haigh

Director of Communications

Ontario College of Trades

Phone: 647-847-3139

Email: sherri.haigh@collegeoftrades.ca


Lacey Caputo

Director of Communications and University Advancement

Huntington University

Phone: 705-207-9939

Email: lcaputo@huntingtonu.ca





Texas Tech graduate program to use innovative philanthropy app GIFTABULATOR ®


Toronto, ON – October 27, 2014 – GIFTABULATOR is now being used by students enrolled in Texas Tech University’s Graduate Certificate Program in Charitable Financial Planning. 

GIFTABULATOR, the intuitive, interactive app that shows how to minimize taxes while demonstrating the potential giving capacity of every individual, now offers U.S. taxation scenarios. GIFTABULATOR, the must-have tool for charities and financial professionals, helps project future assets, understand the impact of charitable giving on one’s lifestyle, calculate the burn rate of assets and the tax implications for both the client and the beneficiaries of an estate.

“The GIFTABULATOR app is a great addition to our program helping the students – professionals working in the areas of financial advising and fundraising – develop more effective charitable financial plans,” said Texas Tech Professor Russell James.

GIFTABULATOR was developed in the FUNDING matters inc. Research and Development Lab in North Bay, Ontario, in cooperation with Canadore College.

FUNDING matters inc. is one of Canada’s most innovative consulting firms specializing in fund development, philanthropic sector advisory services, and software and app development.

For more information on GIF TABULATOR and activating your free trial visit www.giftabulator.com.


Contact: William Petruck

President and CEO, FUNDING matters Inc.




Anaheim NCPP 2014 – Disneyland, the Angels and Philanthropy

The Imagineering of Disneyland has transformed the landscape for families across generations. Who hasn’t experienced the magic of Disney or been touched by its amazing storytelling? This was always Walt Disney’s dream. Today Disney is a global brand recognized and loved by children and adults alike.  When asked by football players after winning the Super Bowl where they want to go, it has become a familiar reply – Disneyland.

Well, Anaheim, California is not only home of the world’s greatest place for family memories, Disneyland, but also home of the world champs in baseball.  For decades the Angels of Anaheim were founder and owner Gene Autry’s true passion, long after he rode into the sunset with his horse Trigger.  In Autry’s mind, his crowning moment would be winning a World Series championship. Autry never gave up on his team, even when faced with multiple losing seasons. It was in 2002, after Autry had passed to become an angel in his own right, that the Anaheim Angels brought magic to the “Heart of Orange County” by winning the big one for their founder. Autry’s dream of winning the World Series was never realized in his lifetime; however, without his vision and passion for the game, the Anaheim Angels would not have achieved that glorious victory 12 years ago.

The same is true in philanthropy.  Giving and making a difference is about making magic happen.  In some cases we can see it unfold before our eyes through a major gift and in other cases it’s a waiting process before a planned gift is realized. We’ll have to wait to see magic take place in Anaheim again with the imminent launch of Giftabulator USA.

We look forward to showing you how magic can be created with your donors through Giftabulator USA. Please join us for the launch of Giftabulator USA at the 2014 National Conference on Philanthropic Planning on October 14-16, 2014 in Anaheim to see how transformative funds can be created for your organization.

William Petruck


Peter Gilgan – Power Donor® Extraordinare

Why do I call Peter Gilgan a Power Donor®

It’s simple, just imagine a world where everyone donated 1% of their net worth; if you are worth $1 million that would be a $10,000 donation to charity.

Now, imagine donating 8.3% of your net worth in your lifetime to charity using the same net worth calculation – your donation would be $83,000. Well that is just what Peter Gilgan, the founder of Mattamy Homes in Canada did today, adding to his philanthropic record by donating $30 million to St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. This donation brings his lifetime giving total to $150 million against his $1.8 billion in holdings.

What can Peter Gilgan’s giving teach us?

It shows that he could never conceive of how much to give if he did not undertake any planning for his finances, his estate and leading to his philanthropy. The same can be said for a recent donor to a local charity who took the time to understand that she lacked personal financial planning. She spoke with us at FUNDING matter inc. to say that she didn’t understand if she had enough money to live the lifestyle she was accustomed to while still providing for her heirs and leaving something to her favourite charities. After walking her through an illustration of a proper estate and financial plan, she quickly understood and saw first hand the looming tax that could be used for charitable giving. In the end she became a Power Donor®,  actually donating more than 1% of her net worth to her favourite charities.

Each professional advisor can leverage their client relationships to help achieve them establish unique and inspiring legacies through philanthropy, much like Peter Gilgan’s recognized legacy of landmark donations to the charitable sector.

William Petruck


Who Doesn’t Want to be a Leader?

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that doesn’t want to be a leader. No matter what your personality type, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it’s ok to admit it… you long for people to regard you as the best at something.

Some people seem to be born with the personality to be leaders. Some people need to cultivate and practice these qualities.

No matter who you are, you need to know leadership is within your grasp. You just have to open yourself up to the possibilities. You don’t have to be up front and centre to be a leader; some of the most effective leader’s I’ve ever met never take credit for their ideas or accomplishments.

In my mind, Disney is the absolute benchmark for creating positive experiences. They just do it right, no matter what they do. I mean who can say that Disney hasn’t had an effect on their life? You’ve seen their cartoons, their movies, visited their theme parks, etc. From animation, to leadership, to customer service through to innovation, they’re it. No one else holds a candle to them.

Here’s your chance to learn from the best. The Disney Institute is bringing its distinguished program, Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence, to North Bay at the beginning of October. Sponsored by DeGroote School of Business and Canadore College, this unparalleled program will help you learn how to proactively. You’ll learn how to assess and ignite your own leadership style, establish a vision for your own leadership future, learn how to communicate effectively with the ranks of your organization and set goals for sustained success.

Disney is the master of experience. Learn from the best – you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

The Disney Institute Leadership Excellence Program

Canadore College, North Bay, Ont.

October 2, 2014

7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Program and registration information available here.

Grow A Relationship – Agree About Money

Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design www.digitalplanetdesign.com

Money is often cited by relationship experts as the number one reason for relationship failure, in particular marriage. Why is money such a strong factor in determining one’s success in marriage, longevity and health?

Maybe it really isn’t money that is the major factor but that the underlying issues which relate to the money that are the problem.


How can couples get on the same page?

It is important for each partner to understand why the other feels the way they do and develop a mutual understanding. Whether it’s generosity or thriftiness, communication is the key to understanding one another’s views and unspoken preferences and bias.


When gifting is made, how are the spouse, children and charity taken into consideration?

Discussing money topics in detail is the beginning of the process. When I meet with lawyers, they tell me that couples often don’t have an idea of how to split up or allocate their life’s assets to family and community. In many cases this is the first time that the couple has given thought to who gets what. It’s not surprising then that 70% of individuals don’t have a current will.

I recently had dinner with an accountant who is acting as trustee for an estate that is being contested by two sisters in their 60s. They are not talking because they can’t agree on how to divide their mother’s antique teacups and fairly apportion her funds to her grandchildren. These sisters are literally throwing 60 years sibling friendship out of the window by failing to communicate.

Plan your estate through effective communication to ensure minimal headaches and heartaches for your loved ones and to minimize legal fees and taxation to benefit family and community.