FUNDING matters® inc. Group of Companies

The FUNDING matters® inc. Group of Companies builds relationships and designs cutting edge technology that empower people and organizations to do good. Our diverse, talented and innovative team transforms the way individuals assess their potential to affect change in their own lives and the lives of the people around them. Our projects promote the value of entrepreneurship and the power of people in driving change.

FUNDING matters Inc.

FMI Consulting is a philanthropic consulting firm that transforms your organization's relationship with donors into winning, sustainable results.

Our customized solutions bring not-for-profit organizations and their donors together into a mutually beneficial, trusting relationship that will consistently drive meaningful social change.


GIFTABULATOR® is the Estate, Financial and Philanthropic planning app that will show you how to minimize taxes (everyone's dream) while making the world a better place.

Whether you are a charity competing for donor dollars or a financial professional offering clients a cutting-edge service, GIFTABULATOR® is the invaluable tool that will demonstrate the potential giving capacity of every individual.


iShare focuses on providing resources to startup businesses in the financial technology sector in order to help them launch to the next level. iShare also helps charitable institutions to raise much needed funds to meet their objectives.

Red Stomp

Our Red Stomp team has played and continues to play every game on every platform possible, making them better game Designers by understanding the feelings and needs of players.

Adding to the passion their experience in 3D simulation programming and their love of different art forms, the Red Stomp team has found the winning combination for game design.

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