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The reality today

Did you know?

40% of high net worth individuals do not have an estate plan? Most adult children are uncomfortable discussing estate planning with their elderly parents.Many elderly parents are uncomfortable discussing their estate plans with their adult children. 80% of financial advisors would have more conversations with clients regarding estate planning if they had the training and tools. We all know that starting a conversation with clients about estate planning does not always come naturally. No one wants to talk about their mortality.

GIFTABULATOR® will help you to start estate planning conversations with your clients.

Answer these questions and more...

  • How long will it take your clients to burn through their savings?
  • Is their retirement secure?
  • Will their beneficiaries be hit with a huge tax bill?
  • How can they minimize that tax bill?
  • How can your clients leave a legacy without impacting their lifestyle?

The solution


  • Can help you better understand the benefits of estate and philanthropic planning.
  • Will empower you to start the conversation.
  • Is interactive, intuitive and engaging. Clients will be able to see in real terms using their personal scenarios the financial impact of different decisions on their future and the future of their beneficiaries.
  • Is the compass that will help your clients reach their financial goals while helping them to give back.
  • Is easy to understand, easy to use and easy to explain.
  • Will show your clients how to leave a legacy based on their taxable assets.
  • Will help ensure that your clients beliefs and values are respected through a well developed estate plan that includes philanthropic giving.

You will be their guide offering a unique easy-to-use, easy-to-understand service.

Every financial decision impacts the bigger picture. GIFTABULATOR® shows you that bigger picture.